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Barling Marylebone | Bark 1820

Barling Marylebone | Bark 1820


Not far from London's elegant Regent's Park is the beautiful neighborhood of Marylebone. Here the silversmith Benjamin Barling founded his workshop in 1812. He quickly made a name for himself, decorating the meerschaum pipes of London gentlemen with individual silver applications.

At the end of the 19th century the briar pipe increased in popularity. The Barling family bought their bowl pipes in St. Claude, like all their British competitors. In 1906 Barling began making their own bowls and pipes from this era are highly sought after by collectors. In 1970 the production was closed.

The Bark series due to the increased surface area remains much cooler in the hand than its smooth counterparts. The "barky" ashlar looks wild, the black and dark red colors accentuate the deep carvings.


SERIES Marylebone


STYLE Classic Series


SURFACE Rusticated


STOVE mm 9

RING Metal

MODEL Straight - Poker

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