Our Story

The company's foundation dates back to 1908, the year in which its founder, Giuseppe Della Monica, a professional watchmaker, came to Capri island to provide maintenance for the famous clock at the "Piazzetta", and then took over the tobacco license on the island of Capri.

Given its central position, the N° 1 shop was, from that moment onwards, the daily meeting point for the people of Capri, and a gathering place for the most illustrious characters and visitors of the island.

However, the fate of the family was destined to intersect with the events of national history... During World War I, two of Giuseppe's six children fell, and it was only thanks to the commitment of Michele Della Monica, the only surviving male child, that the activity could continue in the following years.

At the end of the 1950s, as soon as he came of age, the ownership of the tobacco shop was acquired by Vincenzo Della Monica, who then managed the shop along with his sister Palma Della Monica.

More than a century has passed since that distant 1908, and DELLA MONICA has reached the fourth generation.

The current owner, Pina Della Monica, who runs the company with her son Vincenzo and her daughter Maria Teresa, while still preserving the heritage of her father Vincenzo, has turned the store into a  landmark for the "good life" enthusiasts who are visiting the island.

DELLA MONICA is now the best-stocked cigar boutique on the island, with a substantial offer of smoking, game, travel, and furniture items, characterized by precious materials and refined design.