Engrave Your Selection

Make it even more special and add an engraving to your selection!

All leather products are available for personalization, including leather cases, agendas, bags, and wallets.

Once you have chosen and added the personalization typography and color to your cart, you just have to include the following details in the section "add a note to the seller" (in your cart):  

- Complete name of the product in which the engraving will be done.

- The letters for the engraving. (We recommend a maximum of two letters for the small items, while on the big ones, three letters can be added.)

Please note that engraved items cannot be returned since they have been personalized for you.

These are the personalization typography options, you will have to choose them from the product pages and add them to your cart, so the engraving can be done. Personalization cost is 30 EUR.