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Rattray’s Brave Heart 150

Rattray’s Brave Heart 150


The epic movie ‘Braveheart’ is based on the Scottish national hero William Wallace, who defeated the English Troops at the Battle of Stirling Bridge at the end of the 13th century. He helped to free his country from the British reign of suppression.

This fight is an example for a lot of disputes that made our modern civilisation what it is today. We owe this to a few individuals that fought for freedom and more rights of co determination over the centuries. Unfortunately this was not always possible in a peaceful way. It is important to defend our democratic values each and every day, because nothing in life can be taken for granted.


Style: Classic Series

Material: Briar

Surface: grey

Mouthpiece: acrylic

Weight: 70-79 gr

Ring: metal


Bowl diameter: 20mm 


Length: 145 mm


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